business English Trainer

It is also needed for those who already have job experience and either want to improve the language knowledge to grow in the company and develop the business skills, or want to change the company and fit the requirements of the desired vacancy.
Business English is a great choice for those who are preparing to start their career (so, do not have any job experience), no matter which sphere they are going to work in.
Interview preparation (As a former HR director I have conducted more than 10 000 interviews, headhunted executive staff and was responsible for employer branding. During the session not only we do discuss the language, but I also share the tips that help you pass the interview itself).
Tailor-made courses designed in accordance with your professional and personal special needs (e-mailing, networking, negotiating, phone sales, conferences, presentations, exhibitions, etc.)
Business English exams preparation (Cambridge BEC, LCCI)
Business English lessons for A1- C2 students
I provide:
All the courses are eco-friendly and 100% paper-free.
Together we will set the deadlines for your dreams, transforming them into targets. Firstly, dream! And then dream bigger!
If you have questions do not hesitate to contact me.
I can confess that I am so passionate about teaching Business English because my students apply the knowledge as soon as the lesson finishes, here and now. That is why my goal is to guarantee you that the first big changes in your language knowledge will be mentioned already after the very first session.
My vision of teaching Business English is quite unorthodox. I do not follow one coursebook but create a harmonious mix of different authentic materials to cover your unique needs.
Various formats available (online, offline, individual & group classes, speaking clubs, individualised support for those who are not regularly available, mentorship).
Business English Trainer
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EFL Teacher

As an ELT Teacher with more than 13 years of teaching experience I give private and group lessons offline in Barcelona and worldwide online. All the lessons are built according to the principles of communicative method and different approaches with the usage of authentic materials.
I can work with you in a number of ways:
English for immigrants
IELTS preparation
Cambridge exam classes ( B2, C1 levels)
English for Academic purposes: language sessions for those who study or want to study abroad, including academic writing, reading, speaking and listening.
General English classes ( even though I do not believe in the existence of so-called “General English” as all students have their unique needs and goals, I am using this term here as a reference to the well-recognized notion).
EFL Teacher
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Consultancy and Mentorship

As an ELT professional with nearly 14 years of experience in different aspects of teaching, I can be of assistance in:
teaching Business English
classroom management
staff training
presenting workshops, webinars, lectures or at conferences
soft skills development
professional development
setting up an online professional presence via Instagram
If you would like to work with me as a consultant or mentor, my fees are:
1 hour - 50 euros
1,5 hours - 70 euros
Consultancy and Mentorship
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Bootcamp “Cafe of Ideas”
a unique global project for teachers to find inspiration, get new knowledge and ideas, discuss up-to-date topics with colleagues and, finally, let yourselves rest. Absolutely secure and free of judgement community. Now online.
Bootcamp “Cafe of Ideas"
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