Maria Sampío

an internationally known Business English Trainer and EFL Teacher with more than 13 years of teaching experience and 10 years in Business (HR director). Currently in Barcelona. Online worldwide.

about me
Meanwhile, a hands-on business experience gave me profound knowledge of business processes and keeps helping me stay tuned about the news and trends and so that I can help my students achieve their professional goals faster and in a much more efficient way.
Since starting my career as a Business English Trainer and EFL teacher 13 years ago, I've been lucky to work with the students and companies in Switzerland, France, Russia and Spain.
It is beyond a language session.
I pour my heart into your work for you to achieve dreams others may think impossible.
my projects
I provide help with Business English to pre-experienced and job experienced students, creating tailor-made solutions adjusted to each project and the needs of each client. No hypothetical situations, only real-life cases.
Business English Trainer
I am willing to act as your General English teacher and exam tutor. Going beyond coursebooks, I introduce students to the science of learning, plenty of learning strategies and techniques to start using the language from lesson one.
As an ELT professional with nearly 14 years of training and teaching experience, I am well-placed to offer support with different aspects of teaching. Some of my students choose me as their professional mentor.
A unique global project for teachers to find inspiration, get new knowledge and ideas, discuss up-to-date topics with colleagues and, finally, let yourselves rest. Absolutely secure and free of judgement community. Now online.
EFL Teacher
bootcamp “cafe of ideas”
The art of giving a feedback
Podcasts that will help you learn the language
Skills we will need by 2030 — design thinking
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